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When an item of clothing is manufactured anywhere in the world it represents an investment in time, labour and natural resources.

If that natural resource is cotton then vast amounts of power will have been used to supply the water to grow the plant. Again, with synthetic materials, there are power and water consumption concerns.


The last two decades have seen the manufacturing base for most of our clothing moving to south East Asia and similar far away places so we can be sure our clothes have travelled many thousands of miles before we purchase them involving many ships and trucks all burning dwindling supplies of fossil fuel.

Some estimates are that up to 1 million tonnes of textiles go to landfill in the UK each year (figures for Ireland are unavailable) and this is obviously an unacceptable amount of wastage.

Textiles represent 3 to 4% of the European household waste stream.

At All-Tex Recyclers we aim to reduce the waste stream by offering you the ability to offer your items of clothing a second chance in life through re-use or recycling.

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