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Local authorities

All-Tex Recyclers can provide financial and technical support to any local authority intending to put a clothing collection scheme into place. We have existing relationships with various charitable organisations who benefit from our skills and expertise in relation to making textile recycling more accessible to the local community. Our textile bank partnerships can enable our partners to raise funds and stock for their various charitable causes.

We provide, free of charge, all equipment necessary for the task - clothing banks (a choice of sizes with different designs), storage containers (on wheels and ground level), free collection bags etc. We guarantee the collection and purchase of the material's collected at an agreed price and adhere to strigent guidelines in relation to our data collection procedures thus ensuring a clear audit trail for all of our 'hosts'.

In all cases our drivers will pay special attention to the cleanliness of collecting sites when they make their visits, this is in tandem with regular onsite inspections which are  carried out by our specially trained bank repair and servicing staff.

All-Tex Recyclers aim is to bring your textile recycling/collection programme online quickly, effectively and importantly with no up front costs and minimal effort on your part.

We bring to you over 30 years accumulative experience in all aspects of used clothing collection, reclamation and export sales.

Our turn key clothing and shoe collection schemes are designed to meet the specific needs of your local authority and can be tailored to your local communities needs as and when necessary.

Contact us to find out more.