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Fundraising for schools

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Why not participate in our innovative fundraising scheme to help raise funds for your school?

This scheme involves the collection of used clothing and household textiles in exchange for cash and all you have to do is:

Step One:
Register your interest

Step Two:
We will contact your school to provide you with more detail and then we can arrange a convenient collection date and time.

Step Three:
An All-Tex Recyclers vehicle will come to your school on the agreed date, our friendly collection personnel will collect all the clothes and bring them back to our factory for processing.

Step four:
We will issue you with a certificate of achievement and payment for the clothes collected within 5 working days.

This scheme aims to encourage textile recycling and it doesn't cost a penny... in fact we pay you!

Our scheme will:

  • Help to raise school funds

  • Increase recycling rates, helping the environment.

  • Encourage an understanding of textile recycling which can be linked to the curriculum in geography, Mathematics, science and English.

  • Compliment work which your school is doing in relation to the environment such as Eco Schools.

This scheme can be linked to your schools charity of choice where a proportion of the funds raised will go directly to your charity of the year or a charity close to the schools heart.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact us.