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Charity shops

All-Tex Recyclers have solid established links with most of Ireland’s leading charitable associations and we are always interested in developing new relationships with forward thinking organisations.

Charity shops are renowned for their quality and commitment to selling donated garments to raise funds, and these represent an effective outlet for unwanted household clothing and footwear. Textile reprocessors like
All-Tex Recyclers help to raise vital funds for charities who are unable to sell all of the goods donated whilst contributing to the reuse of materials.

At All-Tex Recyclers we guarantee:

  • To pay the market price per KG for pre owned clothing, textiles and paired shoes collected by our collection personnel.
  • To provide a regular scheduled collection service to our charitable partners all over Ireland.
  • Regular as clockwork payment for all supplies.
  • To listen to the individual needs of our suppliers.
  • One of our dedicated drivers will collect from your shop at a time and frequency which suits you.

The markets for second-hand clothing are large, and there is a considerable demand for unwanted, second-hand UK garments in developing countries. The main destinations for exported second-hand garments are much of Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan and Eastern Europe (Please see a map of where we export to).

All-Tex Recyclers have a vast amount of experience in new and developing markets and we pride ourselves on our environmental conscience and our commitment to the reuse of materials.

Contact us to find out more.