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 For over 20 years clothing recycling has been an essential part of the charitable sector. Many charities have a supply of paid staff and volunteers who help them to collect and sort clothing on a daily basis which supplies the feedstuff for high street charity shops. This has provided them with a funding stream for their worthy causes.

All-Tex Recyclers have solid established links with most of Ireland’s leading charitable associations found on the high street and we are always interested in developing new relationships with forward thinking organisations.

As many people will know charity shops sell donated garments to raise funds, and these represent an effective outlet for unwanted household clothing and footwear. Textile reprocessors like All-Tex Recyclers help to raise vital funds for charities who are unable to sell all of the goods donated whilst contributing to the reuse and recycling of materials.

At All-Tex Recyclers we guarantee to pay the market price for used clothing and paired shoes per KG whilst listening to the individual needs of our partners. This hand in hand approach works successfully for all parties and we have established ourselves as a reliable and efficient charity collector with payments on time each month.

All-Tex Recyclers has a vast amount of experience in working alongside the charitable sector and we pride ourselves on our prompt payment and quality service. All of our partners can rest assure that we are fully compliant with all local, national and international requirements on waste licences/permits/insurances etc.

We operate an ethical ethos throughout our business and believe that through our many partnerships with established charities we have created a vibrant and strong business model which has been very beneficial for all parties involved.

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