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Charitable partners

All-Tex Recyclers work with many well known charities all over Ireland and we are always interested in developing new relationships with forward thinking organisations.

Charity shops are renowned for their quality service and commitment to raising funds through the resale of clothing, however not all donations will sell on the shop floor and that's where All-Tex Recyclers come in!

We are committed to providing a regular scheduled collection service to charities all over Ireland. We GUARANTEE regular as clockwork payment and a commitment to having one of our dedicated drivers collecting from your shop on a weekly basis.

At All-Tex Recyclers we guarantee to pay the market price for used clothing, household textiles and paired shoes per KG whilst listening to the individual needs of our partners. We have a vast amount of experience in working alongside charitable partners and we pride ourselves on our prompt payment and quality service.

All-Tex Recyclers recognises the rise of the 'Bogus collector' and we guarantee all of our partners that we are a fully licensed, insured waste management company. Textiles collected from our suppliers all over Ireland are graded in Ireland at our processing plant.

If you are a registered charity and concerned about the company you are currently selling your used clothing and household textiles too please ask some simple questions:

  • Do you have the relevant waste management permits?

  • How much are you insured for?

  • What happens to the used clothing and household textiles collected from our shop?

  • How long have you been in business?

Always remember YOU have a duty of care to ensure that you sell your used clothing and household textiles to a REGISTERED, LEGITIMATE COMPANY.

If you would like to find out more on our package of opportunity to charity shops please contact us.